Monday, July 11, 2011

Men's Fasion

In the early 2000s Argyle socks, khaki slacks, bootcut jeans, tracksuits,light-colored polo shirts (sometimes striped), white Adidas or Nike trainers, baggy carpenter jeans, Oxford shoes, loafers, camp shirts (often in fancy metallic patterns for clubbing), and baseball caps were popular. Practical hiking jackets (of the type made by Berghaus), fleeces and padded tartan lumberjack-type shirts were worn as winter outerwear.
In the mid 2000s retro fashions inspired by indie pop groups and the 1960s counterculture became popular, including Converse All-stars, winklepickers, cartoon print hoodies (in contrast to the designer brands worn by the chav subculture), vintage T-shirts, slim-fitting jeans, Mod-style parkas, military surplus dress jackets and fitted 1970s style Western shirts with pearl snaps (popularised by blues-rock band the White Stripes).
In the late 2000s 1950s and 1980s fashions became popular: Letterman jackets, black leather jackets like the Perfecto, Hawaiian shirts, straight leg jeans, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, Ed Hardy T-shirts, houndstooth tweed jackets, motorcycle boots, neon colors inspired by rave music, geek chic inspired horn rimmed glasses, roll sleeve tartan flannel shirts worn with white T-shirts, cardigans and knitted V-neck sweaters.Popular footwear included Sperry Top-Siders, Keds, Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars in many colors. In the European workplace the cut of suits changed as the three buttoned jackets popular in the 1990s were replaced with suits comprising a two-buttoned blazer and matching trousers. These sometimes featured contrasting Edwardian style piping on the lapels and were often worn with slim ties and waistcoats.

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