Friday, October 1, 2010

Mansour Modern Announces Victoria Hagan Collection

Prestigious rug purveyor, Mansour Modern, is proud to announce a collaboration with award winning interior designer, Victoria Hagan. Hagan’s guest collection for Mansour Modern is true to her signature aesthetic, “My design philosophy is about the juxtaposition of the old and new, the blending of materials and periods to create a thoroughly modern environment,” says Hagan.

Hagan has contributed an impressive, twenty-seven designs for her collection for Mansour Modern. A collection that Hagan says was inspired by nature and bold geometric forms, “We are all connected to the outdoors and our interiors live in harmony with the elements around us, I look to the landscape, and try to bring the outdoors in. The mixture of organic and geometric creates environments that are complicated yet simple, light yet strong,” says Hagan.

Ben Soleimani, principal and head designer for Mansour Modern utilized his rug expertise to translate Hagan’s designs into indisputable works of art. Soleimani made the rugs in the most luxe materials befitting Hagan’s aesthetic; silk, linen and mohair, which are as plush underfoot as they are pleasing to the eye. Taking from his vast knowledge of texture and his natural leaning towards innovation he wove in sustainable materials such as hemp and other natural fibers with the more luxurious, creating a perfect balance for Hagan’s designs to be highlighted. 

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Victoria, she’s a true talent and her offerings are stunning,“ says Soleimani. It seems the admiration is mutual. When asked why she chose to work with Mansour Modern Hagan answered, “I have known Ben for many years and was thrilled when they asked me to collaborate with them. It was a chance to explore gorgeous materials, and to work with such a highly respected international brand with an eye toward creating modern classics.“

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