Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mounir Al-Shaarani

I was reading the lastest issue of PRINT magazine, and came across an eye-catching article (called Symphonic Scripts) about Arabic Caligraphy.

Being of middle-eastern descent, I had been exposed to the artform from childhood, but I've never seen it with Al-Shaarani's P.O.V.

Shaarani is devoted to reviving and modernizing Arabic calligraphy—an art form that he thinks is largely misunderstood. I dig his work because it is unexpected... to see Islamic proverbs written in Arabic in such a modern form is the kind of juxtaposition I thrive on. Seriously, I can easily see one of his works placed above the fireplace of a modern architectual home.

About the artist:
Mounir Al- Shaarani is calligrapher, designer and writer, living and working in Cairo, Egypt. Born in Syria and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus ( 1977). He studied under the great Syrian calligrapher, Badawi Al Dirany. He works as a calligrapher and book designer, since 1968. He has designed several custom typefaces that were used on his book covers and personal work. His work has been exhibited internationally; in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, India, England and the USA. He is highly regarded internationally for introducing uniquely innovative calligraphic styles and for taking his inspiration from everything around him ( old and new).

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