Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mulberry fashion show spring / summer 2011

Mulberry-fashion-show-spring-summer-2011-1 Mulberry fashion show spring / summer 2011

Mulberry presents us his new collection spring / summer 2011 on the catwalks of New York fashion Week, The show is actually humorous, I just believe that all models were of the wigs glam with casketing long mahogany ruddy, looked dolls glamorous, one after the other. I must tell that fashion shows Mulberry are ever very weird, also the models contest for the scene with the adorable dogs, also they strictly branded.

Mulberry-parade-bags-2 Mulberry fashion show spring / summer 2011

The new collection Mulberry is very tidy, I like the parade to proceed for colors, Ranging from a informal trend for the day with leaders blue and beige trench, skirts below the knee and clothes for day, we also have numerous Leather Bags light brown, tell in a fine brown caramel, bags, ranging from comfy tote and shoulder straps a handbag classy, all bags versatile and cute appropriate for the day.

Mulberry-Parade-3 Mulberry fashion show spring / summer 2011

Then you switch to white bags embroidered with sequins and crystals which are accompanied by costume the most graceful and polished in organza and chiffon but also suit with trousers and dresses with flowery details after creating a turn to lilac the dresses and the purple for handbags, accessories glamorous python or crocodile and leopard print.

Mulberry-Parade-2011-4 Mulberry fashion show spring / summer 2011

Then you switch to electric blue suits, tailor-made suits and clothes in a blue and accompanied by gargantuan bags in ostrich skin or calf, electric blue turns and then into a blue spotted with white, highly polished, sugary and lastly passes for the seem evening with clothes in organza decorated with roses and tissues effect pleated giving a set of volume.

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