Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hohow is the development of the fashion industry in 2011

How is the development of the fashion industry in 2011
Fashion serves as backdrop for the series, because young people are experts in the most current fashion industry with the most innovative and spectacular clothing designers. Due to the quality and wealth of the characters and the setting in New York, they are always impeccably dressed. The costume designer of the series is Eric Daman. He previously worked as assistant costume of the series Sex and the City stylist in ad (British fashion magazine), and base the choice of actors wearing apparel in actual examples of the elites of the East Coast of the United States.

The series is shot primarily in New York, just in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. The interiors are usually filmed at Silver cup Studios (Queens), where the lofts and apartments in the series. The building of the Parker Collegiate Institute and a building of the Russian Orthodox Church combined to reconstruct the institutions of the characters of which Constance Ballard and St. Jude them.

If you want to inspire in the New York fashion this is the best way to do it, watching gossip girl, lists all the latest accessories and apparel from the most prestigious firms.
I love this detail; one of the characters of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, who at the beginning of the series says, narrates the series: I am a gossip queen, your best source of information about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.

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