Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fashion Hot and Not: Blake Lively vs. Leighton Meester


Hello all you fashion lovers out there, welcome to a new addition to our fashion section, the first installment of Hot and Not. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fashion of GG (both on the show and real life) but sometimes the designers and the actors just get it…well, wrong. Bad accessories, bad patterns, and just plan bad fashion sense hit us all at one time or another, and isn’t it fun to look and stare when it does? So weekly, monthly, or just whenever bad and good fashion occurs, I’ll bring it here to you in a little compare and contrast.

In this week’s installment we have Blake vs. Leighton in Hot and Not moments.

The venue: The MET Costume Institute Gala 2009

Hot: Blake in a teal Versace gown and Chanel Beaute makeup. I love love love this look on her. It’s polished, its clean, its sexy, its very all grown up and look at me. Very Serena and un-Serena in ways and I have to give major kudos to Blake and her styling team.

Not: Leighton in Louis Viutton. I’m sorry but she looks like a runaway circus clown. Hate the puffy sleeves. Hate the jumpsuit feeling to it. Hate the shoes with ties at the ankles. And hate the curls and bright red lipstick. Usually Leighton brings us such great fashion choices in public, so I was really shocked to see this from her. Makes me wonder if she had a styling team.

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