Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Friends,

I'm excited for a little change. Starting next week, please find me on my new platform: THECULTURECREATIVE.COM/BLOG. I've put in a request to have SEANYASHAR.COM redirected to THECULTURECREATIVE.COM/BLOG, and that should take effect soon.

This change is long overdue for me. I decided to consolidate everything I do in the world of content creation and creativity under the name THE CULTURE CREATIVE. The name explains it all – This is a space to share, communicate and discuss the greater culture that encompasses every facet of the current design administration. It’s never been about me, so the move is to establish a site that exists outside of my name.

I've tried to upload my archive of posts onto the new site, but there are a few glitches with it. For a complete archive of posts, please feel free to refer back here, which will now have the address:

Here we go!


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