Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi friends,

I'm gonna keep this pretty simple. I really don't like plugging myself, but I have a new online, side project that I think you may enjoy and find useful. After four years of producing my namesake blog, I've decided to diversify with THE CULTURE CREATIVE. Whereas this site is a content-rich dialogue about design and style (and will continue to be,) THE CULTURE CREATIVE is an ever-evolving, visual mood board. The audience I'm speaking to are Creatives who can visit the site daily for visual inspirations. Whether you're in fashion, interior design or film, you're probably quite use to creating mood boards to convey a project your working on. My goal is to provide a platform to share the most provoking images, curated in a replenishing and ongoing series of pages (or mood boards,) as a resource to you. Another important component for THE CULTURE CREATIVE is that I will primarily archive high-res imagery, so be sure to click on an image if you'd like it enlarged. For me, finding high-res images can be somewhat of a challenge online and a deterrent for putting a mood board together, so I'm shooting to be a resource in this arena.

Okay, there you have it! THE CULTURE CREATIVE

Thanks for listening and stay inspired!


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