Saturday, May 15, 2010

Design Solution w/ Jean De Merry

Last Friday, I attended the grand opening party of one of my favorite interior design houses, Jean De Merry, at their new Melrose Place location. The gala was also a premier for Douglas Friedman's latest photography exhibit "Take It Off," which was an event in itself. The level of taste, style, and elegance brought by Jean De Merry is unmatched in L.A., and guests such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, Tara Subkoff, Margaret Russell, Randolph Duke, Noa Tishby, Steven Weber, Robert Verdi, Rupaul and Bradley Garlock came out to support this spectacular affair.

Rather than show you pics of people smiling and drinking champagne at the gala, I'd like to focus our attention to a tangible interior design solution that I believe Jean De Merry has executed so well. As a hoarder of books and magazines, I'm constantly challenged in the way I store my collection. Many of us in the creative industries use our archive for inspiration, so the pages need to be close, visible and on hand when we need it. The images I snapped at Jean De Merry show a smart way at storing and yet showcasing magazines and books. When I spotted this particular living room vignette, I couldn't stop starring. For some, this may look a little messy, but I have to argue that the placement of these books around the coffee table is pure style and sophistication. I'm going to try doing this at home... maybe you will too.

Bless this mess,


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