Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Highest Form of Flattery

Open letter to Timbaland:

I'm all for sampling loops as a valid form of artistic expression in music, but please give credit when and where it's do. When you're "sampling" tracks like that of Crystal Castles song "Courtship Dating" or the loads of Arabic & Iranian music that you sample, please send a few dollars to the originators way. This way, you fuel the sources of creativity which inspire you, and everyone's a winner.

For readers with extra curiosity on this subject, just go to youtube and type in "Timbaland ripps off Arabic music", "Timabaland ripps off Iranian Folklore", and the creme de la creme "Producer Timbaland rips song from finnish musician?"

By the way, I'm loving Crystal Castles "Courtship Dating" ... an awesome track.


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