Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alex & Chloe T-Shirt

No one despises the 'Humor-T' more than I do. Catch phrases like "trust me I'm a doctor" or "everyone loves a Jewish boy" haunt me in my sleep. The humor-T had its day, but it was never cool...NEVER!

At the same time and in true hypocritical form, I've always fantasized about creating an apparel line built around bold statements, old proverbs, and the powerful decrees of history...Statements that served to provoke something inside you...statements that could shift the consciousness of a whole society.

Today I was checking out what's new on the website of the famed jewelery line called Alex & Chloe (, when I saw the best example of what my vision looks like.

I'm loving the "Protest" T-shirt designed by artist Kenzo Minami. Wouldn't it be awesome if presidential candidates had campaign apparel like this?

The only downside of the T is that it costs about $154, and that's a little too pricey for me. I guess that's the cost of protesting these days... wow!

BTW, Alex & Chloe have a really vast collection of jewelry that you should check out too.

SYI: After getting the liscening figured out, I think a T-shirt line using song lyrics would be a striking collection. Personally, I would totally wear some Morrisey lyrics. Just the lyrics, no pics. I'm not into band T-shirts with tour dates either. The idea is that those who know the lyric will know, and those who don't, won't.

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