Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vertical Blinds

I was laying in bed and looking at my vertical blinds when I began thinking...

Every apartment seems to come ready with a set of PVC vertical blind window treatments. They were pretty hot in the 80's, but have slowly gone downhill in popularity ever since. Somehow these vertical blinds have become so taboo in the design world, that every design makeover show makes a big point at removing them as soon as the makover begins.

Today I'd like to offer a rethinking of the vertical blind.

The PVC vertical blind:
- Fuctionally perfect. You can filter or cut light out as gradually or drastically as you please.
- Creates a level of privacy while still allowing light to directly come thru.
- PVC is super easy to clean.
- Simple yet stylish design. I've never been a fan of over-dressing a window in Renaissance fair chic.

I can go on and on with this, but I think I've made myself clear. Let's bring the PVC vertical blind back! I think it's time.


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