Monday, June 30, 2008


Please check out my friends lovely/NEW/downtown/ art gallery - Phyllis Stein


Phyllis Stein Art is a fine art gallery focusing on emerging artists. It is a mission of PSA to provide resources and educational programs through which artists may hone their practice in hopes of creating a dialogue and community that supports a spectrum of artistic expression. The gallery functions as a venue for radical performance work as well as the more sedate facets of art. PSA is currently developing an internship program through which art-hungry youths may get their proverbial feet wet in a gay-old gallery environment.

Opening Reception: July 10, 7-11pm

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2008 -- Phyllis Stein Art is pleased to announce the opening of its inaugural gallery exhibition in conjunction with the Downtown Arts Walk on July 10, 2008.


Eric Smail: Press 1 for English
Exploring the geometry of semiotics in a technological age, Eric Smail’s boldly-colored complex paper sculptures and 2D patterned installations create a provocative and futuristic architecture.

Jesse Chapo: Stateside
Jesse Chapo’s new works, paintings and sculptures of bright and fantastical creatures, touch upon themes of American ideas, values and customs. Reminiscent of Heinz Edelmann or Milton Glaser, but with a confidence and style completely his own, Chapo’s work is both playful and compelling.

207 W 5th Street in the Spring Arts Tower,
PSA is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm and by appointment.

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