Friday, June 13, 2008

Eve Salvail

When I was just a young lad, my favorite shows were Fashion Television w/ host Jeanne Beker & House of Style w/ Cindy Crawford.

I can seriously remember being glued to the screen when these shows came on. For me, some of the best moments were the interviews with the models. It was always pretty awesome to see backstage at a fashion show (hair, makeup, etc...) I guess in a way, it was reality television before the term even existed. One particular interview stayed in my memory bank forever -- I have it here today for your viewing pleasure.

Before there was Gisele, Heidi, Karolina Kurkova, and now Agyness Deyn, the "it girl" of the early 1990's was Eve Salvail. In a special moment in time, the fashion world went gaga over this bald-headed beauty. The snip below is from an interview with Eve on House of Style (probably circa 1991).

As a kid, I was so inspired by Eve... she was just so cool... she was androgynous (always a plus), eccentric, and even kinda profound.

I heard that she's a big D.J. in NYC nowadays... I wonder if she's still bald? I wonder if she's thinking about making a comeback in modeling... I mean with 90's fashion coming back into vogue, it just makes sense for some design house to find her and make her their muse.

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