Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Right It's Whang!

My dear friend & favorite client of all time, Ross "The Intern", has just finished taping an interview with none other than Suzanne Whang!

As the host of our favorite show, HOUSE HUNTERS on HGTV, I just had to post this interview for you guys to see.

The interview is every HH fan dream come true!
Ross asks Miz Whang all the hard-ball questions, and you really get a sense of the REAL Suzanne.

On a side note, it's been my long-time secret fantasy to be a Realtor on House Hunters, so hopefully Ross can make that happen! How awesome would that be!!!!

*MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't forget to check out www.nbc.com/rossblog ... I'm telling you, Ross is the inspiration behind my blog, and he's got wonderful content to share with you! I can promise that you'll have lotsa' fun on Ross's blog:


Thanks Ross,


SYI: Suzanne introduced OPRAH to THE SECRET. True story! Check out Ross's blog for more details.

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