Friday, February 22, 2008

Future Prayer

There are two things I just don't like to delve in on SEANYASHAR.COM; religion & politics.

That said, check out the most awesome lighted prayer rug (or sajjadah) I've ever seen. By designer Soner Özenç, the designer uses light as an integral element in his imaginative creation. This modern piece that he calls Sajjadah 1426 (1426 is the year 2005 in the Islamic calendar), combines technology and the Muslim culture.

"Sajjadah 1426 is a piece of art and a great example of the electroluminescent phosphor printing technology. It is also quite practical. It assists the person who performs the divine service of prayers, called namaz, not just by creating an amazing atmosphere, but by actually finding the right direction to pray towards."

"With the help of an imbedded compass module, the lighted motifs of the rug turn brighter the closer the rug is turned toward the direction of Mecca. This modern sajjadah introduces a brand new experience in the daily performance of namaz."
(By Yagmur Uslu via The Cool Hunter).


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