Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bright House!

Introducing: Jessica Gehring & Bright House Events!

Recently launched, Bright House Events is a full-service event production and environment design company by my dear friend Jessica Gehring. From Hollywood to New York, Dallas to Chicago, and Las Vegas to Dubai, Jessica has lit up legendary events around the globe.

Over the past six years, she has earned her bars and stripes within event production alongside gold star companies such as Best Events, Epiphany and MMA Group; giving her and Bright House Events the industry edge on the fast track to producing high-level, successful events.

Jessica's client list ranges from USHER to MOTOROLA, encompassing a savvy mix of A-List celebrities, alpha social groups, big name brands and the trends that love them. Perfecting the fine art of communicating style - with meaning and integrity in tact - takes a clever and crafty combination of talent, imagination and drive... in walks Jessica with Bright House Events, always seeking new challenges and an opportunity to raise the bar higher

Bright House events range from corporate to social, runway shows to movie premieres, weddings to bar/bat mitzvahs, and any other event where remembrance is desired. With sharp focus and detailed attentiveness to her clients, Jessica never ceases to surprise and surpass expectations - sidestepping the ordinary and making a beeline for the magic.

Check out Bright House Events online for photos & the complete list of Jessica's clientele.

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